Our own Ryan Clark, Vice President of the Nebraska Auto Body Association (NABA) helped provide information to two of our State Senators regarding LB782. Ryan and other members of the NABA explained why the bill is critical to help protect our customers and ensure the safety of their vehicle repairs.

What is LB782?

LB782 would require that repairs done to a vehicle follow the manual and guidance of the Original Equipment Manufacturer. This bill helps to protect Nebraska drivers and helps to ensure that repairs are done correctly. LB782 also clarifies the requirements as to who can declare that a vehicle has a “salvage” title.

Why is it Important?

From Gina Cotton, Executive Director of the NABA, about the meeting:

“Senator Fredrickson and Senator DeBoer, both from Omaha saw firsthand damage to a vehicle that the consumer may never see once it has been repaired. Damage that could easily be improperly repaired with no knowledge to the consumer.

We stressed that by following the OE (Original Equipment) procedures, this vehicle (and all others) would be repaired properly to prevent catastrophic results if involved in another similar accident. Lives depend on it.”

You can read LB782 here

For more information about LB782 or to help support the bill, contact the NABA here!