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We are happy to offer easy estimating from your mobile phone — as well as  pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle to avoid direct contact. Please use our mobile estimating tool.
CLICK HERE to get the process started!

Where our customers send their friends

We are happy to offer  easy estimating from your mobile phone — as well as  pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle to avoid direct contact. Please use our mobile estimating tool. CLICK HERE to get the process started!


Our auto body shop specializes in fast,
consistent repairs. When it comes to repairing your vehicle, nobody does it better.


Our professional auto body team can repair damage caused by rocks and debris, allowing you to extend your windshield’s life.


Our auto body repair experts will repair your vehicle using our advanced paintless dent repair process. Get a “new” car without the price.


Eustis Body Shop offers towing services 24/7. Our emergency services allow us to serve you during the worst weather or after an accident.

Auto Body Shop Blog

Bird Poop and Your Car

Bird Poop and Your Car

We’re talking about bird poop! While it may seem funny at first, bird droppings on your paint and windshield are no joke. So we’re here to let you know why it’s bad, the best ways to get rid of it, and what to do if you have damage. GROSS AND HARMFUL   Without getting...

What Does It Mean to be Gold Class Certified

What Does It Mean to be Gold Class Certified

Eustis Body Shop is proud to be a Gold Class Certified body shop. Of the nearly 60,000 auto body shops in the United States, just over 4000 of them are Gold Class Certified. That’s less than 2 out of every 10 body shops. But what exactly does “Gold Class Certified”...

What Are OEM Parts?

What Are OEM Parts?

You’ve heard the phrase OEM Parts, but maybe you aren’t entirely sure what it means. OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. They are parts that come from the manufacturer which originally built your car. In most cases, you may also find the same parts but...

Body Shop Reviews

Here are just a few reviews from our clients about their auto body repair needs. Take their word, not ours; we want to provide you with the best auto body shop experience.

I had extensive hail damage to my vehicle. It was awesome that they loaned me a vehicle to drive while mine was being repaired. When I got my vehicle back, I was thrilled with the end result!! Great people who do awesome work!!!
Teresa Moore

These people are awesome. They have worked on several of our vehicles, all of them were completed on the time frame they told us. The Vans that they provide are clean and in good repair
Arlene Clements

My experience was great. Everyone was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They kept me informed every step of the way, and the end result was excellent.
John C.

Very happy with the service I received! The staff was friendly, and the work was excellent. The guys even stayed a little late for me so I could pick up my vehicle before the weekend. Highly recommend!
Kristen Gilmore

Very happy with the fast and friendly service I received! Car was done before, they thought which made it even better!
Kasia Kappel


Our #1 priority is your safety. That is why we offer free loaner vehicles at all of our locations.
This allows you to safely travel, while we work our magic on your vehicle. Locate an auto body shop near you today.

Get into an accident? Take these steps before the body shop.

Notify the police

In case there is a question about liability, always contact the police so that they have a report on file. Often times it is best not to move your vehicle until police arrive, but not in all cases.

Take photos 

Be sure to document the accident with photos in case of a liability conflict. This simple step will ensure that the other party won’t be the only source of photographic evidence.

Exchange insurance

In some cases the claim process can be drawn out. To ensure that you’re not waiting helplessly on the other party, be sure you have their contact information.

Notify your insurance carrier

To get the most fair outcome, be sure to notify your insurance carrier. The more up-front and timely you are, the better.

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Eustis Body Shop has received the highest-level of training available for safe and quality repairs.