Of all of the pet peeves that drivers deal with, one of the biggest is door dings. The little dents and scratches that occur (usually in parking lots) when you’re not around. And while they seem like small inconveniences, they can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

So here are a few ways that you can do your best to avoid dings and scrapes when possible, and what to do if you find one.

Pay Attention to Your Parking Spot

If possible, try to park in an end spot. In the end spot, you only have one car to worry about and you can open your own doors mostly without worry. An even better option, if you don’t mind a little walk and you have the opportunity is to park away from other cars. Yes, it’s further away from your destination, but if you don’t mind a few extra steps you may be able to keep your car from being dinged which may save you money in the long run.

Look At Their Doors

Take a peek at the doors of the car you’re parking next to. Are they long enough to reach your car when they’re opened? We imagine in most crowded lots, you won’t have much choice, but if you have an option between a large vehicle and a compact, park next to the little guy.

How Tall Is The Other Car

If your car is newer may have protective moldings or bumpers that keep the dings at bay. But if you’re parked next to a truck or large SUV, the higher doors may cause trouble. This is another case where parking next to a small car when possible might be a good bet.

Who’s In The Car Next To You

Can you tell if the car next to you has passengers or children? No passengers mean only a driver’s side door to contend with. And remember, when using a child seat parents, generally. need the doors fully opened to secure their children. We understand that this may involve some detective work that may seem excessive, but to avoid the cost of dent repair it may be worth the effort.

Cover It Up

It’s not just doors that can cause dings and dents. Hail storms cause billions of dollars in damage every year to property, crops, and, of course, cars. Parking in a covered lot or in a garage during storm season can keep your car free from hail damage and other flying debris during a storm. Or if all else fails, using a car cover when it looks like rain can also protect your car.

What To Do

In most cases, you never see the ding actually happen, so exchanging insurance information and filing a claim is impossible. And for some people, a simple small dent is nothing more than a small annoyance. However, if you’re car has been scratched or nicked, that may lead to expensive paint and coating repairs later on, so it’s best to get those dings fixed as soon as possible. 

We can help! Using our advanced paintless dent removal processes and Gold Class Certification training, Eustis Body Shop can make fixing small dents as quick and painless as possible. 

If you have door dings, scrapes, or any other repair needs contact us or visit our shops at any of our six locations across Nebraska.