We’re talking about bird poop! While it may seem funny at first, bird droppings on your paint and windshield are no joke. So we’re here to let you know why it’s bad, the best ways to get rid of it, and what to do if you have damage.


Without getting too far into the disgusting parts, save it to say that bird waste is a combination of stuff that is very acidic. This high acidity is the reason that bird poop, when left unattended, can damage your car’s exterior. This acidic mix, literally, burns through the layers of protection that keep your car looking good. Even worse, warm weather expedites the effects of bird waste. This means that in the right conditions, these disgusting droppings can harm your exterior in as little as a few minutes. If you’d like to do a deeper (slightly grosser) dive on bird poop, click here.

It’s not just the clear coat, wax, and paint that are in danger from these bird bombs. Droppings on your windshield can actually etch and scratch your glass if not cleaned correctly.


Okay, so we’ve established that bird poop is both disgusting and bad news for your paint. So get rid of it! But make sure you’re doing it correctly. Here are tips to make sure you’re cleaning bird waste, and not doing more harm to your car in the process:

  • REMOVE DROPPINGS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. As we said, in the right conditions bird poop can harm your exterior in minutes. Get rid of it as soon as you can
  • USE THE RIGHT CLEANERS. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth and a proper cleaning solution. By using a regular cloth or paper towels, you risk further etches and scratches. There are even bird poop-specific cleaning solutions and wipes that you can buy.
  • NO WIPERS. Try to avoid using your windshield wipers to clean bird waste. Wipers can actually spread the bad stuff in bird poop around causing more scratches and stains. Again, be sure to use microfiber cloths and proper cleaning solutions to avoid more scratches.
  • AVOID IT ALTOGETHER. The easiest way to clean bird poop is to not have any! Parking in garages or using car covers is the best way to protect your car from the nasty effects of bird poop.

If you do some research, you’re bound to find some “home remedies” to clean bird droppings. Some suggest things like WD-40, baking soda solutions, or even unscented laundry detergent as cleaners. While some of these may work, it’s best to simply invest in a good car-friendly cloth and cleaner to get the best results.

As always, if you have questions or if you do end up with bird poop damage, we can help. 

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