Top-Grade Towing Services

Eustis Body Shop offers full towing services from our Lexington location. Our 24/7 emergency towing allows us to serve our communities during the worst weather or after an unfortunate accident. We can tow your vehicle to our body shops or to the location of your choice. We work with all major insurance companies, so the claims process is hassle-free. Our trucks are frequently the first called for towing around Lexington, and for good reason.

Our drivers are on-call during the off-hours and are quick to respond at any hour of the day or night. We realize if you are calling us for a tow, you are already stressed. You don’t need the pressure of wondering if the towing company will do a good job, or where they are towing your vehicle. If your vehicle is towed to one of our locations, it will be placed within our secure lots where it cannot be tampered with. For towing in central Nebraska, there is only one name to remember – Eustis Body Shop!

Our 24/7 Towing Process

Locate Your Car

We will ask you for your car’s location and quickly make our way over to it.

Load it Up

We will safely load your car up and transport it to your requested location.

Car Pick Up

You will be able to pick your car up or request a quote for the possible fixes.