Top-Notch Glass Repair

At Eustis Body Shop, we repair damage caused by rocks and debris without replacing the entire windshield, saving you time, money, and headaches. Windshield repair is quicker than a windshield replacement, and many insurance companies will waive your deductible for chip repair.

To repair your windshield, we thoroughly clean the chipped or cracked area of all dirt and glass particles and inject resin under pressure into the fractured area to seal it and hold it together. These repairs will allow you to see the road clearly again and extend the life of your windshield.

Our technicians are trained extensively in using our advanced equipment, and our investment in their continued education keeps our shops on the cutting edge of glass repair technology. We take pride in our glass repair equipment, experience, and our customer-first mentality. That’s why when it comes to glass repair, nobody does it better than Eustis Body Shop.

Our Glass Repair Process

Assess Damage

We look over your car for additional damage, and a glass chip repair plan is created for your review.

Repair Your Car

We perform all necessary repairs to get your car back to its original form in a timely manner.

Car Pick Up

A post-repair clean-up and wash is performed along with a quality assurance inspection.

Contact Us About Your Glass Chip Repair

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