You’ve heard the phrase OEM Parts, but maybe you aren’t entirely sure what it means. OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. They are parts that come from the manufacturer which originally built your car. In most cases, you may also find the same parts but manufactured by a different company. Those parts are considered “aftermarket”.

Difference between OEM and Aftermarket.

OEM parts are produced directly by the manufacturer of your car. They are designed to be an exact replacement for your damaged, old or worn-out parts. Because these parts are made specifically for the make and model of your car, they may cost a little more than aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are, oftentimes, more cheaply made and, in some cases, are made to fit several different types of cars, not just yours. So even though these original manufacturer parts may be a little more expensive, they can save you headaches during repairs and may even save you from further repairs down the road.

Are OEM parts the right choice?

We believe in doing the job well and doing the job right. So at Eustis Body Shop, we think that OEM parts are always the right choice, and we use them whenever we can. While aftermarket parts may present a cheaper option (especially for DIY repair jobs), we think the peace of mind gained from using the original manufacturer part whenever possible is worth it.

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