I-CAR Gold Class Certification. You’ve heard us talk about it, and you might have even seen the logos on our website. Sure, we’re proud of it and proud of our staff who have worked hard to help us achieve Gold Class Certification, but what does it really mean? Today, we’ll break it down for you. Well tell you how a shop gets certified, we’ll explain I-CAR, and we’ll tell you why it’s so important for your auto repairs. Ready? Grab a wrench (we’re kidding, you can just read), and let’s go!

What is I-CAR Gold Class Certification?

I-CAR Gold Class Certification is a distinguished recognition granted by the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR). It is a voluntary industry-wide standard identifying collision repair facilities committed to staying up-to-date with constantly changing automotive technology and repair techniques. To put it bluntly, we try hard to be the best repair experts around, and the folks at I-CAR help us learn how to do that. To learn more about I-CAR and its certifications, click here.

How do you become I-CAR Gold Class Certified?

It’s not easy. For us to earn I-CAR Gold Class Certification requires dedication and ongoing training. Our team undergoes rigorous training programs, both online and in the classroom, to ensure we stay current with industry advancements. From learning about the latest repair techniques to understanding new vehicle technologies, we invest in our staff to ensure that the work done for our customers is safe, efficient, and accurate. 

Why is it important to our customers?

We put in the time and effort to remain Gold Class Certified. But we don’t do it for us, we do it for our customers. Here’s how our extra training and dedication is important to you:

Improved Customer SatisfactionOur certification signifies our commitment to exceptional customer service. It assures you that your vehicle is being repaired by highly trained technicians using the most advanced industry techniques. We prioritize delivering repairs that meet or exceed your expectations, resulting in your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Increased EfficiencyI-CAR Gold Class Certification gives our technicians the knowledge and skills needed to perform repairs efficiently. By staying updated on the latest technology and repair methods, we can streamline our processes, minimize repair time, and get you back on the road faster.

Your Trust – By consistently holding ourselves to a high standard, we’re working hard to gain your trust. Working efficiently, doing the job right, and making sure that you and your vehicle are safe, means the world to us. And hopefully, it means that you’ll remember us the next time you or someone you know needs collision, dent, or glass repairs

When it comes to your auto repair needs, choosing a certified collision repair facility can make all the difference. At Eustis Body Shop, our I-CAR Gold Class Certification ensures that we deliver exceptional service, stay ahead of industry trends, and prioritize your satisfaction. Experience the difference of working with a certified shop. Get in touch at eustisbodyshop.com or get a quote for any of our six locations across Central and Eastern Nebraska.