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What Does I-Car Do?

I-CAR’s Professional Development Program (PDP) is a continuing education program, keeping body shops up-to-date on the latest techniques in the industry. Training includes up-to-date on the latest vehicle models, technologies and repair methods, which leads to a positive repair experience for consumers, as well as contributing to a complete, safe and quality repair. Their courses are built around four core roles: estimator, non-structural technician, steel structural technician and refinish technician. They also offer training for three specialty roles: production management, aluminum structural technician and electrical/mechanical technician.  

What is I-Car Gold Class Certification

Gold Class® organizations are in a league of their own. They make an unfaltering commitment to ensure the business achieves the highest form of excellence in collision repair training. Nowadays, there are advanced and complex vehicles that make vehicle repair even more important. I-CAR® helps us raise our skills bar across the board. For a shop to reach I-CAR Gold Class certification, all vehicle repair employees need to train through I-CAR. That means everyone working on your car from start to finish at a Gold Class shop has the most up-to-date training available. Ultimately, only 10% of body shops meet this standard, and Eustis Body Shop is one.

Advantages of Gold Class Shops

Professional Training

We receive the most up-to-date training information.

Increased Performance

Gold Class certified body shops scored 51% better than non-certified body shops.

Repair Achievements

Gold Class body shops time taken to complete body shop repairs decreased by 11%.

Why Choose Eustis Body Shop

Eustis Body Shop takes repairing vehicles very seriously and wants to provide you with the best possible body repair services. I-CAR® had helped us achieve this high standard, and we are happy to pass it onto our customers. When you have your car repaired at a certified shop like Eustis Body Shop, you can rest assured that everything is done correctly, and you will have your vehicle back in a timely manner. Our trained technicians will have your car back to its original state and have you back on the road ready to drive in no time. Stop by Eustis Body Shop to receive the best possible customer service paired with top-notch repair.

Get Service from a Gold Class Shop Today

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